Unique in the world

This work is a real gold engraving providing an amazing depth and making it unique and totally exclusive.

A unique work of art for Eternity

The portrait is an original artwork certified on a 23.6 carat gold leaf (980/1000).

Original material

I need a very good quality photo, either in black and white or in color.

Size of the work

35 x 50 cm (13in x 20in) in a 80 x 65 cm (25in x 32in) frame.

how to order

1 - Send the photo by e-mail or letter with your name and address.
2 - If it matches up the selection criteria : you will be sent a purchase order which you will need to fill in and sign.
3 - The work is done and then delivered to you, with the invoice, the delivery form and the guarantee.


This work is engraved on a 23.6 carat (980/1000) gold leaf.
This work is produced in one single copy for personalised work.
The work is guaranteed so long as it is protected by the original glass and the frame has not been removed.

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A noble and exceptional material