Jean-Philippe Rigotti was born in 1970 at the foot of Mont Blanc in France, into a family of stone sculptors.

His grandfather also praticed painting and engraving. In the early seventies he had an idea : to develop a technique that would combine several art skills. He started to work on it, but the project stopped for many decades.

Today Jean-Philippe Rigotti realizes unique Artworks : he took his grandfather’s project over, and he completed it.

His work is the result of the twelve years of research, and the combination of a long experience with an in-depth study of various techniques to find the right “recipe” and the mastery of his skills.

Among the art techniques Jean-Philippe recalls are the engraver and the gilder. The rest is a well-kept family secret !

Through the years, with gold in his DNA, he has shaped his artistic approach to arouse emotions.

In his hands, a simple portrait becomes a unique, delicate and sparkling Artwork : a portrait engraved on a 23,6 K Gold leaf, an outstanding masterpiece carved in eternity.

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